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Flower/Bridal Bouquets: Wedding decorations - Your dream wedding for your budget
Wedding decorations - Your dream wedding for your budget

Wedding decorations are a major part of any wedding. Either it’s done at a reception hall, home or at a church it decorates the venue and highlights the Bride and the Groom.

The initial step in any wedding decoration is to select a theme. The bride and the groom first has to select a theme that suits there style and needs. There are many different wedding themes to select from and you can always come up with your own innovative theme. Traditional, Western and Indian are some major themes. The bride and the groom can also be specific in there theme and selects themes like Angles, Sea, Butterfly, Pearls, Diamonds etc.

After selecting the basic theme the couple then has to decide on the specifications. This really depends on the location. So by this time the couple has to have selected the location. At this stage it is highly recommended get advice from a professional weeding decorator.

The couple can now decide on the specific decoration needs. The main items that they need are Poruwa, Settee back, Oil lamp and the table decorations. But the couple can also add a Head table decorations, Kiribath stand, Entrance decorations, Path pillars, Red carpets, Colour wash lights and many more to decorate their venue.

This is where they have to decide on their budget allocation for the wedding decorations. And at this stage they should shop around to find the best wedding decorator to match there budget. This is where Manahara Flora comes in handy. With 20 years of experience we can decorate your dream wedding to suit your budget.

The first thing the wedding couple need to do with us is to go through our previous work and designs, this can give them a lot of ideas as well as can get to know quality of the product they are going receive. Then the couple has to explain us the basic theme, designs, colours that they need. With this starts the discussion of how this dream wedding is going to be a reality.

As a pioneer in the industry Manahara Flora has a vast variety of designs to choose from. And also the facilities to bring a new design to life. The couple can now discuss the specific needs item by item. Each item such as Poruwa, Setteeback, Oil lamp as I mentioned above has to be selected, customized and discussed with us.

The wedding decorations plays a major part in the wedding. It decorates the venue. So it is recommended to add all the theme colours. this makes the place colourful as well. These wedding decorations has to be done in a way that it highlights the couple but does not take the attention away. After all the wedding is all about the Bride and the groom.

At Manahara flora we provide all your wedding decoration needs. Our well experienced staff will assist you from the moment you visit our outlet till your dream wedding becomes a reality.

Malith Aravinda
Partner -
Manahara Flora

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