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Wedding Planning: Happy way to begin a marriage in your nest-home
Happy way to begin a marriage in your nest-home

Every person who are born have dreams, which are very salient. Dreams are vary. In your youth hood you will marry to your future partner. Every father’s and mother’s dream is to see your happy marriage. Don’t you like to make it a true dream? Dreams as well as realities are very essential.

By the marriage you are born again. Discuss whatever you do before hand. Have mutual affection with a better understanding. Have patients in any event. Lead your life, very peacefully. Think of both of your responsibilities that you have to do. But there may be ups and downs. Explain the week points very personally each other. Love can do anything. The greatest thing in the world is Love. So live in love and with love for the sake of love. As you and I know love is eternal. No one is happy without love. Whoever you are, whatever you are love and hope make you live.

If you are a wife, be kind gentle, speak soft and pleasant words. Listen to your husband; discuss your plans, be open in your mind & heart to him. Just try this once and see how the reaction is?

If you are a husband, show your love to her. According to any experiences, many husbands love their wives more than everything. But they do not show their love directly. Please remember, here, the wife seeks the love very feeling fully. Actually don’t misunderstand I’m not talking about sex. It’s something else. Say your wife that you love her from the bottom to the brim of your heart which keeps overflowing. Try and see this. If you practice, this you may be surprised at the magic that you have done.

Every day, every miniute life is experienced by human-being. So you too, are not late. Do these steps of your successful life and be happy. Here one point I’ve to talk with you, which takes an important place.

At the early steps of your new life be separated, your wife will love to live with you in love in a private apartment. So don’t get late to make your home, and make it a pleasant sweet home.

Therefore she will make it a better place for you to live. No evil ideas may wonder in your head or heart. Therefore when you come home, you will entirely forget your life in your working places.

Make your home according to your budget, pretty and pleasant. You’ll never feel that it is a HOUSE but a real HOME.

Consult an eminent creative constructor. Tell your budget to him and build it according to your wife’s taste.

LIFE and HOME are inseparable, don’t you feel it is same as LOVE.

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